Friday, August 3

It's finally Friday! This week started off busy and it wasn't easy. Husband and I carpooled to work every day and we both had to be in before 8am which means I scrambled every morning. Scrambled. In case you were wondering, it is possible for me to be out the door in less than 25 minutes. That's a world record in the McFarland house.
Time for a few updates:
We are hanging some pieces on the walls this week
Our Restoration Hardware dining chairs should be shipping shortly. Exciting!
Pretty sure this needs to happen. I'm running out of room in the butler's pantry.
Oh yes, we are hosting our first party this weekend. Should be fun!
Dinner date here tonight. Yum...
Then a morning run to work off said dinner
White Linen Night is on Saturday! Come join us if you are in the area.
I'm going to need a little down time on Sunday after what will be a crazy evening
And dinner with friends before we head off to work again

Happy Weekend!
*pics from White Linen Night 2010


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