a little happy list for August

Wednesday, August 1

This week and last have been a little rough for me so a happy list comes at the perfect time. And can we just reflect on the fact that it is August. AUGUST?! I feel like I've been saying the same things for most of the summer but these months really are speeding right by this year. Sometimes I wish I could hit a pause button on all of this so it didn't happen so quickly. You know?

Here are a few little things making me very happy recently:

1. My parents visiting in two weeks
2. Long family walks in the evenings after dinner and right before sunset
3. Sushi!
4. Our trip to Napa at the end of the month. I'm crossing my fingers for cool (but sunny) weather
5. The new furniture (which you can see here). It makes this house feel like a home.
6. Puppy kisses
7. Dinner dates with good friends that end back at our place chatting about life
8. Define class...I managed to find a Groupon for 10 classes. Ouch, it hurts so good.
9. swimming and gymnastics at the Olympics
10. Learning that David and I might not be the best pair when it comes to DIY projects. Just ask our pantry...

What about y'all? Anything special you love these days?

Welcome August!


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