a july happy list

Tuesday, July 3

July already?! Really? I'm not sure how that happened. So I'll just leave you with few photos of David's cute little cousin from the other weekend. And a little happy list. Enjoy! xo

Here is a list of things making me very happy recently (besides these cute photos):

1. Reunions with my family and my college friends later this month
2. Large bodies of water - pools, lakes, even my bathtub
3. DailyMail, keeping me up-to-date on my celebrity gossip and royal watchings
4. Air conditioning
5. long, long summer nights and sunsets that don't start until 9pm
6. Hatchi, a fun little iPhone app // distraction which reminds me of the Tamagotchi days in middle school
7. Trader Joes, a favorite grocery store from the NYC days, is now in TX
8. Date nights on the porch with a glass of wine
9. Crossing things off sticky note lists
10. And did I mention air conditioning...ha.

Welcome JULY!

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