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Monday, July 9

  1. Please love that it is almost 105 degrees today and it's only the middle of July. ARE you serious?
  2. I could really use a frozen yogurt intervention. David?!
  3. My college friends are killing it in life right now. A new home! A sparkling engagement ring! Turning 26 and taking names! #winning
  4. We picked out our dining room table! Which means we no longer have to eat on the couch like college co-eds. Lordy, I might even get to break in that china.
  5. Also, $$$$$$$s later, our car and the garage door are now closely acquainted. Let's not talk about it.
  6. Just in case anyone was wondering, we're almost finished with Breaking Bad re-runs and it.is.awesome.
  7. Annnddddd Happy Monday to y'all! Mine will most likely include unpacking, silently sniffling at my desk, ordering pizza with a large glass of wine on the side. 
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