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Friday, June 8

Here are a couple things making me very happy this June 2012:

1. visiting with old high school friends {oh, how I missed y'all}
2. Tina Fey's Bossy Pants, a summer must-read
3. That antique shopping or a bite of ice cream is only a two block walk from our door step
4. Cooking dinner in the new kitchen. The counter space! The stove top! The TV! Oh my!
5. The fact that husband's new work deal takes him to places like Denver and Midland NOT places like Rome and London
6. My birthday month! 26, let's do this.
7. Southern Living and Traditional Home - two new additions to my magazine collection
8. Scoring a super cheap dress for last week's wedding and getting a few compliments. Nothing sweeter.
9. The view out of our front door {seen here}
10. Spray tans. Yes, this may explain my recent glow

the end.

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Style Savvy Chic said...

I like your 10 things. I live in the South and love perusing home magazines. Happy Birthday - have a wonderful time.

~New Blog launching 6/11/2012~


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