Thursday, May 24

Maybe I secretly told my mom that David was marriage potential before we went on our first date and had only met in class.

Maybe I can't stop dreaming about beignets at Cafe du Monde.

Maybe I always do the laundry for David but I secretly wish he'd offer to do it at least once...or stop complaining about the wrinkles in his shirts (hinty hint).

Maybe I took my first bath in our tub on Monday and we are in desperate need of bubble bath.

Maybe I spend so much time shopping online that the UPS guys know me.

Maybe almonds are my new afternoon snack but I really want a slice of the chocolate-chip banana bread that my co-worker, Pam, makes.

Maybe I'm mad at whoever stole all of the bread from the kitchen.

Maybe I secretly wish I could pull off the sock bun.

Maybe I'm slightly obsessed with cheese.

Maybe I'm feeling really blessed after volunteering at the hospital on Tuesday.

Maybe I've been really bored at work this week.

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