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Tuesday, April 10

Photography is one of my favorite passions - and it's been that way since high school (co-editor of the yearbook and advanced photography class...yes, I was that girl). Although, admittedly, my photos are very far from perfect and I still have plenty to learn about my hand-me-down Canon Rebel. So in an effort to remedy this problem, I took this little 3 hour beginners photography class on Saturday that I found through Groupon.

It was a small group of 12 of us (which made it nice for asking questions...of which I had many). We took an hour to go through composition and another hour to go through the camera. The rest of the time was spent practicing things we learned. By the time class wrapped I was already feeling a bit more confident. And it couldn't have come at a better time. My world has been so consumed by the move recently; it was nice to break away for a couple of hours on Saturday and do something creative...even it was just for a little while.

Here are a few things I learned and will be practicing for the next few weeks.

Composition - Telling Stories with your Photos

1. Simplicity - photos should be simple; try not to include anything in the frame that shouldn't be there.

2. Frames - when possible, try to create a frame {ex. a door} around the subject. Note - the frame doesn't have to be in the center of the photo and often it looks better when it is not.

3. Balance - focus on a main character {your subject} & incorporate supporting actors where needed

4. Rule of Thirds - think of a tic-tac-toe board...you always want your subject in the intersection of those lines. It is more pleasing to the eye to not have the subject directly in the center. See below.

** A few other notes: Don't cut off people at the joints, choose different angles, move in closer

**For all of you local Houston readers, you can find all the information about the class here.

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