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Thursday, April 5

This whole moving process has been a lot harder, a lot more stressful, a lot more time-crunched, and a whole lot more detail-oriented than all of our previous moves. Because of this, I keep finding myself overwhelmed and stressing way more than I would like to admit. It's quite unfortunate because deep down I'm so thankful and excited that we have a house of our own. Our OWN! So I want to be sure I'm not focusing on too many little things and instead be thankful that all of this is happening.

So with that in mind, it really hasn't been so tedious. And when I think about it, there have been quite a few fun moments so far along the way that I loved.

For example, I don't think I've ever been more excited to take a bath in our new tub. Or pick out chandeliers at Restoration Hardware. Or decide on paint colors. Or look at king mattresses with Dave. Or meet our new neighbors and that cute dog next door.

And at this stage in our newly-wed life, which is not so newly-wed anymore, buying and decorating a house is wonder. Talking every night about moving in with little ability just yet to even grasp the concept that we are about to become home-owners. About to become real adults making a home that hopefully one day will have a little family of more than just the 3 of us.

So with all of that said, I'm breaking down my to-do list by weeks and I'm already a little behind. Here is what we need to accomplish before April 19th. Eek!

1. Sort and purge: got through every room and decide what to keep and what to get rid of
2. Create moving binder: use binder to keep track of all estimates, receipts, inventory
3. Floor plan of new home: begin deciding on function of each room, plan how to move into new home
4. Use it or lost it: start using up things you don't want to move (i.e. frozen foods, perishable foods, cleaning supplies)
5. Locate moving company
6. File change of address with IRS
7. Advertise and host garage sale

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