How to throw a yard sale

Thursday, April 26

On Saturday morning David and I hosted a yard sale to clean out some of our junk and/or things we planned to leave behind in the move. It was quite the experience -- but we finished the day feeling more ready for our May 12th move out.

Here are a couple of things we learned//

1. Purge - We spent a couple of hours the weekend before cleaning out every room in our house. This included things we didn't want to move or didn't have room for in our new house. Geez, it was so surprising how quickly junk accumulates.

2. Advertise! Advertise! Advertise! - I put an ad on craigslist a couple of days beforehand and made signs that we put up on Saturday morning ( I would have put them up on Thursday night so people could drive past them on their way to and from work on Friday...but it was scheduled to rain).

3. Cash - Don't forget to have plenty of cash and change on hand. Especially $1s.

4. Bags - It's also nice to supply plastic bags so people can carry out what they purchased.

5. Early birds - If your signs say that you start at 8AM plan for the early birds to show up at 7AM. We had people circling our house before we had finished setting up!

6. Donate - David and I loaded up our car and drove to Goodwill immediately after we finished. Anything that was left behind was donated. And it just felt good.

Good luck!

2 replies:

kimmieh86 said...

UHHH Are those ALPHA PHI cups and a APhi pitcher I see you getting rid of?? SAD. I don't blame you. but sad :-)

Valerie {chronicles of him and her} said...

Yes, we did end up donating the APhi cups. I guess this really means we are grown up, huh?


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