A birthday party!

Wednesday, April 4

We had a little party for David's mom and grandma on Sunday. Since they both celebrate a birthday during the first week in April, we combined them and had a big family dinner at our favorite neighborhood Italian restaurant, Collinas (which is also within walking distance of our new house, yay!). It was especially fun with a little baby napping at the end of the table. Oh, how that little one will be spoiled by her family ;)
Also, a note to the parents of that sweet little baby, Lauren and Reagan: anytime you need a babysitter just call my name! We want to see those chubby cheeks more often!
And WHAT are we going to do when this restaurant is only 2 blocks away? I don't even wanna think about it!

2 replies:

BizzyB said...

LOVE your dress, pretty girl! And a very happy birthday to Sue!!

Valerie {chronicles of him and her} said...

Thanks B! It's from French Connection. Can't seem to get enough of that store :)


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