April shower bring May flowers and a Happy List

Monday, April 2

Oh, this weekend had us very busy. Shopping for chandeliers (that's a toughie) and paint colors. Celebrating my mother-in-laws birthday (happy birthday, Sue!). We also managed to set off the alarm in our new house while trying to get a few measurements. I almost died as the sounds got louder and I was certain the police would show up any minute. They didn't...but we are certain our new neighbors already hate us? Oh my.

Other exciting news that we finally finished everything on our construction to-do list! Everything! Now they go to work and we sit back and relax (sort-of) until April 30th. More on that later this week. 

And here are a couple things making me very happy this April 2012
  1. Driving past the new house each night to see the progress being made. And although quite fun, I think we might be creeping out the neighbors at this point.
  2. Spring cleaning. Call me crazy but I find it exciting...and oh so rewarding.
  3. Twitter - I might be addicted to you. You can follow me here: @chroniclesofh_h
  4. All the lovely flowers blooming everywhere
  5. Frozen yogurt shops that have unlimited toppings (did I mention that our new place is walking distance to my favorite, Menchies?)
  6. Mexican coke from the bottle
  7. Okay, so I know I am literally that last person to jump on board, but I can't get enough of Downton Abbey. The scenery, the costumes, the characters...I love it all!
  8. Shopping for furniture, paint colors, and kitchen sinks...instead of shopping for houses
  9. Yard sales and our plan to hold one sometime soon (last year we made $250!)
  10. Friday night date nights that end with a movie and a glass of wine
Happy Monday!

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