a weekend recap...

Tuesday, March 20

Sorry for my absence yesterday. There are some exciting house hunting things going on in these parts that kept me preoccupied. I was also cooped up at jury duty all morning and ended up being selected for the panel.  Yay, me! They said the trial should go through Friday so until then you can refer to me as Juror #6. 

In other news, we had the best weekend with Kerry in town! And kept her busy the whole time. Here are a few fun things we did...
  • On Thursday, as expected, we took her out for Tex-Mex and margaritas. She loved it!
  • On Friday, we took this intense exercise class and were so sore for the rest of the weekend
  • On Friday night, we took a painting class and were quite impressed with our results {see below!}
  • On Saturday, we ran a 5K and then went to the rodeo and Brad Paisley concert
  • On Sunday, we went out for Texas BBQ {she was a first timer} and a driving tour of Houston
  • And on Sunday night, we had to say good bye. 
The pictures below are from our Friday night painting class at Pinot's Palette. And I will be back tomorrow with a few more photos....Enjoy!

Thanks so much for visiting us, Kerry! We miss you very much already...

If you are in Houston today, hope you are staying warm and dry!

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