the weekend Houston almost washed away...

Monday, March 12

It was a rainy, rainy weekend in Houston. Friday through Sunday it poured down. The bayou almost overflowed. The weather service issued all those thunderstorm warnings. But the darn weather couldn't slow us down. No sir.

We spent dinner on friday catching up with some amazing friends, R&L, for tex-mex and margaritas. It was one of those nights where you sit down at 7:30pm and when you look up and it's 11pm and the restaurant is almost empty. David told me he had never seen me so chatty. oops!

Saturday we spent time with that cute little baby down below. Isn't she the cutest?! Oh gosh, I was so in love. Now I know what baby fever feels like, y'all.

In other news, David got a new phone that can take pictures!

And here are a couple that he took this weekend:
Let's make this week count! 

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