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Friday, February 24

I'm not sure if it was the thousands of beer cans or the fact that it was squished right in between two condos, but the Beer Can House made me laugh out loud {and might just be my new favorite thing about Houston}.

On Monday, we turned off Memorial Drive, onto Malone Street and found this masterpiece:

A house made of thousands and thousands of, well, beer cans.

It's funny how something like this can be right down the street and you never knew it existed. Has that ever happened in your city? Sometimes all it takes is a visitor to introduce something new.

With my parents leaving on Tuesday, this week has been a whole lot of me missing their company. But a few amazing things that get me through it have been...

a short work week, a big cup of coffee every morning, pizza delivery, and the little v-day flowers that have somehow survived for a week and a half {martha stewart would be proud}.
This weekend we are busy celebrating Katie's birthday with a happy hour tonight and a birthday dinner on Saturday. We also want some time for just the two of us and maybe some errands too. What are your plans?

Have a lovely weekend!

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