Fredericksburg, TX on a rainy Saturday

Wednesday, February 22

Early Saturday morning the four of us rolled out of bed for our drive to Fredericksburg, TX. It was rainy and wet most of the day {and all evening, too} but I had packed our schedule so full of fun activities - including a kolache stop for breakfast, lunch at Hondo's, shopping on Main Street and a wine tour - that the weather didn't/couldn't slow us down.

We really loved Fredericksburg. The rolling hills, the laid-back attitude, the little wild flowers popping up everywhere. Don't worry Houston, we still love you, too. But darn, it stole our hearts for the weekend. David and I visited April 2010 and it brought back so many memories of that trip. Time really flies...doesn't it?

P.S. we did some two-stepping in Luckenbach later that evening. it was so so fun.  i want to do it again.

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