a quick visit from mom

Thursday, January 12

Last week on Tuesday afternoon my mom flew into town for an impromptu visit. It may be my favorite thing - having visitors {especially my mom} come stay with us.

I didn't have an elaborate schedule or tons of plans {except for the King Tut exhibit as y'all can see in the picture}. All I really wanted was to spend quality time with her...and relax. And that's what January is best for anyways.

We spent lots of time taking walks around the neighborhood, doing some shopping, watching an afternoon movie, cooking a home-made meal for my in-laws, talking about life and visiting a few favorite restaurants {here, here, and here}.

And then, as quick as she came - she was gone. Why is it that the best of times alway happen in the blink of an eye? But luckily, my parents have already booked another trip down this way in about a month. For a long weekend, no less! I'm already counting down the days....

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