Positive Energy

Friday, January 13

Yesterday some co-workers were talking about "The Secret" during lunch. I started reading it last year and although I didn't quite make it through the entire book {side note: I seem to keep doing this} I did take away lots of helpful tid-bits. Such as....the importance of positive energy and sending good vibrations into the universe. Do I sound like a hippie yet? It's whatever.

Lately though this little book keeps popping into my head. Mainly because I feel like I need to hang this poster on my office cubicle, my front door, and heck, even around my neck to ward off the negative energy from my space.

But not this year. This year is going to be a year of happiness and more importantly ridding my life of negative energy and/or negative people. Because isn't life just too short to be anything but joyful?

happy Friday!

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