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Tuesday, January 31

Well hello friends!

I've been waiting for my moment to shine -- and here it is!

Mom has been a little preoccupied with work and stuff so she said that I could take over the blog for today. Plus, she is such a pushover when it comes to me. All I have to do is give her my perfected puppy eyes and I can get away with almost anything -- even lounging on the couch and the bed which I hear is a no-no in most doggy homes. At least that is what mom tells me.

But I'm really the one who calls the shots around here...

For example, Mom and dad kept me up late Saturday night because they were chatting on the couch {a.k.a. my prime napping location}. They didn't even seem to notice my irritation and loud sighs...and even pups needs their beauty sleep! So on Sunday morning, while mom was busy cleaning up the bedroom, I came in with a strong set of puppy eyes {I may have thrown in a couple of puppy whimpers too - but we will keep that between us}. And just look where I ended up...the down comforter! My ideal location for Sunday naps. I'm living the doggy life, I tell you. Life is good, people. Life is good.

I hope you will be seeing more of me around here soon!

Love, Charlotte

P.S. I may have also peed a little on guest bedroom rug just to rub it in.

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