On Sunday morning my whole body was sore....

Tuesday, December 20

because we took a crossfit class with friends
on Saturday morning. 
And when I say sore, I really mean that I could barely walk.
Or get into David's Tahoe. 
Or sit on the couch or toilet for that matter
 without saying "ouch".

But despite the pain during, after, and the next am, 
we really loved it.  Because it feels good to be healthy.
And it feels good to sweat at 10am on a Saturday.

Our friends, Katie and Farbod, invited us and the Crawley's 
to join them in this workout. 
They are crossfit junkies and it was so inspiring to see them in action.
Plus, they look so fit and healthy since they started a few
months ago. It makes me want to jump on-board.

But only if they promise me that this soreness stuff
goes away...it's day 3 and i'm still feeling it.

{Village Crossfit}
{Katie looking focused}
{Liz looking frightened}
{I blame my pain on this picture}
{making it look so easy}
{oh you know, carrying 75 lbs. for 400m}
{we may have been the last to finish...but I think we had the most fun too}

{hey farbod, were you even sore on Sunday?}
{breakfast of champions at Buffalo Grille}

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