Texans vs. Jaguars

Wednesday, November 2

On Sunday, David and I joined his family for a NFL football game! Y'all already know that football is my sport. But what you might not know is that the Texans are husband's team.  So all around we were oh so happy to be included. Plus, we were celebrating my father-in-law's birthday...and everyone loves birthdays, right?

We woke up bright and early {yes, 8:30am is early for a Sunday} to head out to an all-you-can-eat brunch at Dharma Cafe. Yum Yum. I was smitten with my omelet {oh, how I'd forgotten how much I love eggs}. And that french toast casserole. And those scones. And bacon, yes, real bacon. We highly recommend it all to be honest.

The rest of the game was a blur of "battle red" and loud fans. But the Texans won = happy husband. And I had managed to save enough room for a stadium dog, of course. On a side note, what do they put in those things that makes them so delicious? Scratch that. I don't want to know.

On our ride home, we discovered that husband does not, in fact, know his way around this city. No wonder it took me so long to figure out my way around. But he did let me sleep for two hours when we got home - so I'll forgive his lack of orientation.

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