Oh, weekend, I'm ready for you

Friday, November 18

Things that made this week not so great:

  • I've been meeting a friend, Liz, for Tuesday morning runs. Boy oh boy, I'm definitely out of shape. By the end of our 3 mile jog, I'm sweaty and flushed. A sight for sore eyes. It's even more embarrassing since Liz has barely broken a sweat.
  • Dehydration headaches. Yuck.
  • The big boss man was in town this week. He's a nice guy and all but talk about presssssure. 
Things that made this week so great:
  • I love the morning light. It seeps through our windows and makes getting out of bed just a little bit easier.
  • Listening to Pandora holiday stations all day long at work. Holiday season is here!
  • Our office has officially moved downtown = a shorter commute and husband can now be my lunch date every day...
  • A spontaneous shopping and dinner date on Tuesday.
So this week was mostly good and here's to an amazing weekend ahead. Filled with wedding love, old friends, and dancing. Happy FRIDAY!

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