Giving thanks, part 1

Monday, November 28

my little family spent Thanksgiving in NYC.
see, my brother has a brand new, big-time job
and didn't get Friday off work...

so north we came,
David and I from Houston
and my parents from Richmond.

we spent Thursday morning watching
in a friend's rockstar apartment.

A+ seats, but you'll see that in the photos.

after the parade:
we watched the Packers win,
we watched Home Alone 2,
we went on the roof to look at the city lights,
and then we ate the most delicious Thanksgiving meal
at Craft.

it was the most perfect Thanksgiving...

{thankful for pretty balloons}
{thankful for parades}
{thankful for holiday spirit}
{thankful for heat}
 {thankful for my rockstar husband}
{thankful for santa}
{thankful for belief}
{thankful for friends}
{thankful for Thanksgiving dinner}
{thankful for my parents}
{thankful for dessert deliciousness}
{thankful for the city that never sleeps}


images via my mom's amazing camera.

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