Thursday, October 27

There are so many little things that I love about where I am in my life right now that sometimes I just want to freeze time and stay here a while.

I love being married. I love having a partner by my side every day, encouraging me, comforting me, loving me. Even the not-so-fun parts like now having a man's smelly gym clothes in my laundry hamper...or cooking for two {including one always hungry, meat-loving husband}. Even with those parts, I can honestly say that I've never been happier. And I know David feels the same - because he says it to me all the time and also because it is written all over his face. There is really no hiding it.

The other day I got to visit with some of my dear high school friends for brunch before heading back to Houston. As everyone was giving me their life updates, I couldn't help but think how much we have all grown up from the days of the silly middle and high school drama. My friends have grown into amazing women on incredible journeys. It made my heart smile to see them so happy and to see how far we have come since worrying about dates to school dances.

David and I were walking along the UVA grounds on Saturday afternoon. The sun was out and the wind was blowing orange leaves in the air. We watched the college kids stroll past us with their friends. David turned to me and said, "man, do I miss this place" and I smiled. It was so nice when it was the two of us in Charlottesville...I loved that little chapter in our life and it was bittersweet seeing it close. But chapter two has been so so wonderful that I'm only looking forwards...not back.

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